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Start Small, Think Big segment on CNN features The Pet Loo on March 14, 2012

Pet Gifts on FOX's Good Day Show

Kristen Levine visits the Good Day show on FOX 13 to discuss the latest and greatest pet products (just in time for Christmas) including The Pet Loo!

USA Today Featured our CEO Tobi Skovron on March 8, 2012

Small businesses dream of selling products at major stores


Nature Calls, and an Entrepreneur Answers Published: Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 By: Jessica Naziri

KTLA Sunday Edition: Pet Loo

Sunday January 22, 2012 Tobi, Subii & Coopa take over the set at KTLA... check out the segment here!

Sandy Valley Picked up by Fresh Air Cat Litter

SANDY VALLEY, Nev. – Kitty litter may be helping to pick up the economy in a rural Clark County town. Sandy Valley is about 50 miles southwest of Las Vegas. The town was hit hard during the recession, but an explosion of hiring at a local mill is giving people hope.


January 25, 2012 Tobi Skovron from Pet Loo is interviewed on Bloomberg Radio in the USA. Building a brand that Pet Owners can TRUST!

Small firms grow, even thrive, by adopting new strategies to outlast recession

Adapting to change is what Tobi Skovron is doing. The chief executive of Pup-Pee Solutions, a Melbourne, Australia-based maker of pet products, knows consumers aren't shelling out for luxuries. Skovron said he now makes a point of promoting his main product -- the Pet Loo, essentially an indoor "bathroom" for dogs -- as a pet owners' necessity, particularly for apartment-dwellers or pet owners who live in severe winter climes.


This global recession doesn't deter Tobi Skovron, the 31-year-old CEO and Founder of The Pet Loo. He has his eyes set on bringing his "backyard in a box" pet product to 150 countries by the end of 2012

Chicago Tribune

By William Hageman, Tribune Newspapers April 18, 2012 Here's a quick roundup of some new and interesting items on the pet products front.

On the Spot: While the owner's away, places Fido can stay

Our CEO Tobi Skovron featured in the LA Times July 8 2012

Where it all began - The New Inventors

The inspiration behind The Pet Loo was a combination of Simone's passion for her pet dogs ("my babies") and the fact that she lives in an apartment. Simone says living with dogs in her apartment created "all the problems the Pet Loo solves

Tobi Skovron Thinks Creatively to Solve Pet Potty Problems

Tobi Skovron, CEO of The Pet Loo. A world-renowned entrepreneur, Tobi is all about creating solutions to pet problems. And, he is passionate about coming up with practical ways to help pets practice stellar bathroom habits, even when the weather outside is nasty. Tune in and vie for your chance to win a Pet Loo for your dog or a box of the revolutionary (and lightweight) Fresh Air Cat Litter.

Tobi Skovron was featured on Self Made in 2009

The Pet Loo as featured on Self Made... Hear Tobi Skovron tell us all how it began back in 2003

Simone on The Today Show in Sydney Australia

July 23, 2007: Pet Loo Co-Creator Simone Skovron introduces her product on the TODAY show

Marking territory? Can doo!

Pup-Pee Solutions co-founder Tobi Skovron has taken the classic 'why didn't someone think of this before' idea and made a successful global business.

Barking up the right tree

Tobi was featured in the Sunday TelegraphCover Photo Article

The Pet Loo Launches Rapid Global Expansion in Economic Downturn

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 13, 2011 We hear about negotiations surrounding austerity and debt in Greece and the perilous status of the Euro, while U.S. credit has recently been downgraded. But this global recession doesn't deter Tobi Skovron.

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Interview

Guest Tobi Skovron, Pet Loo inventor will be joining us this week for a fabulous show. Plus, we will find out more about The Pet Loo from product inventor Tobi Skovron. The Pet Loo is sponsoring a fabulous giveaway, see our website to see how to enter,

How Small Businesses Can Protect Themselves - Interview with Tobi Skovron, CEO of Pup-Pee Solutions

In this episode of The Small Business MBA's Blog Talk Radio Show, I will be interviewing Tobi Skovron, the CEO of Pup-Pee Solutions. Tobi will discuss how small business owners can protect themselves and their ideas from people and/or companies that may try to copy them.

The Pet Loo was featured on the Fox News website.

Rather, Oscar, like many other dogs around the country, uses a new pet toilet called the "Pet Loo." A veritable backyard in a box, the toilet is bigger than a kitty-litter box and contains synthetic grass and turf, simulating the outdoors. Pet owners direct their critter to the loo, and let nature take its proper course.

This Week in America with Ric Bratton

Our CEO Tobi Skovron chats with Ric Bratton on This week in America!

JB Radio Interview with Pet Loo CEO Tobi Skovron

Tobi Skovron, the CEO & Founder of Pet Loo joins JB radio to talk about how he took his idea off the back of a napkin to the global pet industry

The New Inventors

Watch The Pet Loo introduction that was screened on the ABC as part of our New Inventors entry. The Pet Loo was voted the People's Choice Episode Winner 2006. Letter of Confirmation | Certificate

The Examiner

With over 2.4 Million viewers... The Examiner wrote about The Pet Loo in December 2012

Protect Your Good Ideas

You've come up with a great product and put it on the market. Almost immediately people are imitating or even stealing your idea. What to do? Details on protecting what's yours:

Dynamic Business Magazine

The Pet Loo is listed as an International Exporter in the Februaury 2008 edition of Dynamic Business Magazine.

Pet Loo Having a Ball in the Windy City - Chicago Illinois USA

Tobi Skovron CEO of Pup-Pee Solutions Presents The Pet Loo in Chicago... 29th Sept 2009

Power Retail

Writer, Natasha Sholl talks to Pup-Pee Solutions Founder Tobi Skovron and takes a deeper look into the furry facts he has learnt along the way of his e-commerce journey.

Tobi Skovron – Founder of a Pet-Friendly Product "Pup-Pee Solutions"

Tobi's friends and family say he's cursed with Ambition, afflicted with initiative, dammed by an unquenchable drive for success… and more!
But that's not his fault, he was merely born with and molded by his father's highly successful entrepreneurial flair and zest for concept creation.

Business Insider

Although Skovron's largest markets are the U.S., Australia and Canada, he is seeking new customers and distributors in Korea and Japan, among dozens of other countries.

This simple invention allows you to enjoy your pet while eliminating the need to take them out in inclement weather or for those 6am bathroom runs.

Tobi Skovron loved his dog Subi, but hated braving freezing cold winds, rain having to take his dog outside the apartment to do its business. Tobi and his wife Simone - a vet nurse - have come up with a pet toilet for apartment dwelling animals: the Pet Loo.


The US market – home to around 153 million dogs and cats – is a one of great promise for the company, and while the pet loo is usually sold through specialist retailers, Skovron is examining plans for a smaller mass-market version that could be sold through one of the major US retail chains....

Channel 31

Watch The Pet Loo promo that was part of Vanity Pets on CH31


Read an article that appeared in Melbournes MX, August 16, 2006

Lucky Dog

Our CEO Tobi Skovron features in Lucky Dog.. Click here to read the article!

A very poochy ensuite

Tobi Skovron's Pet Loo idea was invention born out of necessity. Having braved freezing cold winds, rain and other daily rigours of taking his pet dog Subi outside their apartment block to go to the toilet, he knew there had to be a better way.

Virgin's In Flight Magazine


The Age

Read an article from the Sunday Age Domain Section, July 13, 2006.

The Herald Sun

Read an article from the Herald Sun in Australia

International Business Times

Skovron's award-winning creation and successful business model have also been widely recognized by the media, including major national outlets such as CNN,, USA Today, KTLA-TV, and Bloomberg Radio, among many others

The Telegraph - UK

Christmas presents for your dogs

Pet Product News

Pet Product News profiles Pup-Pee Solutions - An industry publication

Pet Age Magazine

Pet Age recognizes the emerging category of "Pet Loos"

PetLoo – Featured in Gizmag

If you haven't heard the term LOO, it's a polite expression for the toilet, having derived from a practice common in England by people who lived on the second and higher floors of apartment buildings prior to the advent of a sewerage system

Dynamic Business Magazine

The Pet Loo is featured in the October 2007 edition of Dynamic Business Magazine. Dynamic Business Magazine - page 1Dynamic Business Magazine - page 2

Top 10 unlikely start-up successes

In further evidence of the viability of unusual start-up ideas in the pet care industry, a Melbourne-based business is seeking global expansion for its product - a portable square of lawn that acts as a toilet.

Haute Or Not

Throwing it out to Pet Product Critics to find out if The Pet Loo is "Haute of Not" - check out what was featured and said....

K9 Chronicles Interview with Pup-Pee Solutions

This interview is with Tobi Skovron of Pup-Pee Solutions. They are a manufacturer and distributor of indoor pet waste management products that are innovative, convenient, and green! Enjoy the interview below:

The Pet Loo Solves Toilet Troubles - August 30, 2006

Apartment dwellers don't have the luxury of doggie doors and spacious yards, so their canine companions usually have no way to relieve themselves between their morning and evening walks.